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​With customer feedback​ Q & A

Customer Feedback and Frequently Asked Questions

​customer's voice

O prefecture N. Mr. H
It is easy to measure and very easy to use because it is fluffy. Also, since only the required amount can be defrosted, there is little waste and it is economical.

Prefecture A K. Mr. I
There are various types, and I have purchased several types. It is very convenient because you can change chicken, venison, horse meat, etc. depending on the physical condition of the day.
I would like to continue to purchase.

A prefecture S. Mr. I
Since the amount of food used is the same for all types of food, I am grateful that the amount used does not change even if I change to another type on the way.

C prefecture Y. Mr. T
I haven't eaten much of any food until now, but I was relieved that I started to eat very well after changing to this food.

Prefecture A Y. Mr. K
My child is diabetic and is using insulin. I had to feed it at a fixed time, but I was afraid that the unbalanced diet would not eat so badly and I would have hypoglycemia, but if I change to this food, it will eat well, so I can use insulin with confidence, which is really helpful. I am.

S prefecture Y. Mr. O
I was prescribing steroids at a veterinary clinic because of my allergies. I was having trouble with the hood and I consulted with various manufacturers, but it did not improve easily, so when I consulted here, I immediately responded and made a prototype. After about half a month, I was able to stop steroids now. I want to continue eating, so I made a regular purchase.


Q & A


Please tell me how to use the product and how to decompress it.

Thaw 500W in the microwave for about 4 minutes, allow to cool, and then give.


My dog goes to a veterinary clinic because of dermatitis, but the dog food introduced does not seem to match, so I am looking for a meal that suits my dog, but I ordered

Can you make it with?

of course. We will make it by hand if you wish. Not only for allergy-friendly foods, but also for medical treatment foods, diet foods, chopped foods for old dogs, etc.

We also support. Please feel free to contact us.


Please tell me how to save the product

Store in a freezer at -18 degrees. Also, please store the thawed food in the refrigerator. Please give the thawed one by the next day.


Please tell me about shipping the product.

We will ship by Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express frozen mail within 3 to 4 days after ordering or confirming payment.


Please tell me the payment method.

From the homepage, you can use credit cards, convenience store payments, bank transfers, cash on delivery, etc.


How long is the expiration date?

Best-by date is 3 months after manufacture. We will ship as new as possible.

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