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About pet rice

Dog allergies


What are allergies to dogs?

Like humans, dogs are allergic.
Pet allergies are primarily characterized by manifestations as dermatitis. Itching occurs as an initial symptom and is exacerbated by scratching. There are three main types of allergies: flea allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and food allergies, but multiple allergic diseases can occur at the same time.

What we can do for pets with allergies

Human grade with handmade food

About Grain Free and Gluten Free

Grains are grains, such as wheat, corn, and rice. Gluten is a protein that is abundant in wheat.
Allergies are diseases that react to these proteins, and the most common food allergy in humans is wheat allergy.
We do not use these ingredients at all as they can cause allergies and cause digestion and illness.
In addition, no seasonings or additives are used.
In fact, many of the seasonings, additives, and preservatives use grains such as wheat, and the use of seasonings, additives, and preservatives makes it gluten-free and grain-free. It may disappear.

About fats and oils

Essential fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the body are linoleic acid (n-6) and α-linolenic acid (n-3).
Linoleic acid is abundant in vegetable oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil.
Since α-linolenic acid is abundant in sesame oil and flaxseed oil and is converted to EPA and DHA, we use fish oil (salmon and mackerel) that is rich in EPA and DHA.





慢性腎不全は完治せず、元に戻らない進行性の病気で、治療の目的は少しでも腎不全の進行を遅らせることです。 正常な腎臓の働き





・血液のpHの調整 ※1電解質とはナトリウム(Na)、カリウム(K)、カルシウム(Ca)、リン(P)などの体のさまざまな働きや状態を保つのに必要な物質で、腎臓の機能が低下すると電解質が高くなったり低くなったりすることで体内の働きをうまく維持できなくなり、症状としては元気や食欲の低下、さらには命に関わる状態を引き起こす事があります。 ※2腎臓はCaの腸からの吸収などを促す活性型ビタミンDや、骨髄で赤血球を作ることを促す造血ホルモンのエリスロポエチン、血圧を調整するレニンなどを分泌する臓器として重要な働きをしています。













Don't give what humans eat!


Why you shouldn't give what humans eat

In most cases, what humans eat contains salt.
Salt is necessary for living organisms to survive, but overdose can cause blood pressure to rise and edema. Also, in the case of dogs, it is basically a carnivore, so it is not necessary to give salt.
In addition, some human foods can be extremely toxic to dogs. (Especially leeks, onions, grapes and chocolate are extremely dangerous and can be fatal.)

Humans and dogs have different roles in the nutrients they need.

When it becomes a habit to "give food", the idea is that "it is natural to get it" when you see a human being eating. Also, if you give a dog, it will eat as much as you give it, so it will become cute and you will often become obese by continuing to give food, and you will become obese or allergic, and you will have diabetes and kidney disease. As a result, the dog will suffer.

Know the nature of dogs about obesity

About obesity in dogs

If you eat a meal prepared for a dog and then give a human meal little by little, or if you give too much snack

It will lead to obesity. Be careful as dogs eat as much as they give.

Dangerous are diabetes and kidney disease


The risk of obesity is the development of diabetes. Too much food and snacks that humans eat can exhaust the pancreas, which secretes insulin, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels and insulin-dependent diabetes due to insulin deficiency. Treatment is very difficult and reduces quality of life. In addition, there is nephropathy as a complication of diabetes. Nephropathy also requires a diet that requires reduced protein and energy with carbohydrates and fats.

Old dog meal


As an old dog, the ability to chew and swallow becomes weaker, and the ability to digest and absorb becomes weaker. It is soft and easy to eat because it consumes less energy. You also need to use ingredients that increase your appetite.

The joy of eating


It is a pleasure for owners to be able to live a healthy life and see them "eat deliciously", and for dogs it is a pleasure to eat deliciously. Also, it is our greatest pleasure to have all the dogs we have been involved with live healthy and long through food.

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